If you’re looking for a luxury piece of jewellery at an affordable price you’ve come to the right place. Our second-hand jewellery collection brings together a variety of timeless pieces, with some items not available on the market today. Buying pre-owned items allows you to find some hidden gems you can’t find elsewhere. All the jewellery you’ll see below has been hand selected by our expert team, who carefully consider the pieces they invest in. The items have also been tested and polished to ensure they are in excellent condition. Our items come with certification to guarantee their authenticity. Whether you’re purchasing a new addition for your personal jewellery collection, or you’re buying a gift for a loved one, you will find some stunning pieces readily available to purchase. We have a selection of women and men’s jewellery from leading designer brands. Find rings, brooches, Cartier bracelets and more in our range.

  • Diamond and Pink Sapphire Set Butterfly Brooch
    Diamond and Pink Sapphire Butterfly
    £ 12000VIEW NOW
  • 18ct White Gold Fancy Light Yellow Diamond and Diamond Set Cluster
    18ct White Gold Yellow Diamond 1.68cts
    Diamond Set Cluster Ring
    £ 10,000VIEW NOW
  • Diamond and Sapphire Brooch
    Diamond and Sapphire
    £ 5000VIEW NOW
  • Cartier Yellow Gold Love Bangle
    Cartier Yellow Gold
    Love Bangle
    £ 4,500VIEW NOW
  • Cartier White Gold Love Bangle
    Cartier White Gold
    Love Bangle
    £ 4,350VIEW NOW
  • 18ct Tigers Head Diamond Sapphire And Enamel Ring
    18ct Diamond - Sapphire - Enamel
    Tigers Head Ring
    £ 3,500VIEW NOW
  • Dunhill 9ct Gold Cigarette Case
    Cigarette Case
    £ 3,000VIEW NOW
  • 18ct Lion head with Diamonds
    18ct Lion Head
    with Diamonds
    £ 2000VIEW NOW
  • Greedy Boy Pendant (Silver)
    Greedy Boy Pendant (Silver)
    £ 300VIEW NOW
  • London Collection Medium Cream Jewellery Case
    London Collection
    Medium Cream Jewellery Case
    £ 289VIEW NOW
  • London Collection Medium Cocoa Jewellery Case
    London Collection
    Medium Cocoa Jewellery Case
    £ 289VIEW NOW
  • London Collection Medium Ice Jewellery Case
    London Collection
    Ice Medium Jewellery Case
    £ 289VIEW NOW
  • I’m A Boss Large Pendant (Silver)
    I'm A Boss Large Pendant (Silver)
    £ 250VIEW NOW
  • Time = Money Large Pendant (Silver)
    Time = Money Large Pendant (Silver)
    £ 250VIEW NOW
  • No Sleep Large Pendant (Silver)
    No Sleep Large Pendant (Silver)
    £ 250VIEW NOW
  • 5 Row Infinity Ring
    Infinity Ring 5 Row
    14k Gold Plate
    £ 200VIEW NOW
  • Snoop Dogg x King Ice Power Pendant
    Snoop Dogg x King Ice
    Power Pendant
    £ 200VIEW NOW
  • Space Jam x King Ice Marvin the Martian
    Space Jam x King Ice
    Marvin the Martian
    £ 200VIEW NOW
  • Space Jam x King Ice Silver Pendant and Chain
    Space Jam x King Ice
    Daffy Duck
    £ 200VIEW NOW
  • Looney Tunes x King Ice Silver Necklace and Pendant
    Looney Tunes x King Ice
    Bugs Bunny Necklace
    £ 200VIEW NOW
  • Too Much Sauce Micro Pendant (Silver)
    Too Much Sauce Micro Pendant (Silver)
    £ 122.95VIEW NOW
  • Royalty Micro Pendant (Silver)
    Royalty Micro Pendant (Silver)
    £ 120VIEW NOW
  • Money Mouth Micro Pendant (Silver)
    Money Mouth Micro Pendant (Silver)
    £ 120VIEW NOW
  • Bugs Bunny Micro Pendant (Silver)
    Bugs Bunny Micro Pendant (Silver)
    £ 100VIEW NOW
  • More Lyfe Micro Pendant (Silver)
    More Lyfe Micro Pendant (Silver)
    £ 99.95VIEW NOW
  • Banker Micro Pendant (Silver)
    Banker Micro Pendant (Silver)
    £ 74.95VIEW NOW
  • Time = Money Micro Pendant (Silver)
    Time = Money Micro Pendant (Silver)
    £ 68.95VIEW NOW

Why purchase second hand jewellery?

More often than not, people purchase second hand jewellery due to the value. You can get a lot more for your money when you buy pre-owned items and it makes a lot of sense to opt for higher carats of gold and clearer diamonds. Price is only one small factor however; many people choose to purchase second hand jewellery for the same reason you’d buy antique furniture. The styles that are no longer available on the market are often so unique and stunning, and there are some hidden treasures to be uncovered when you shop our range. All of our items have been carefully chosen to find those amazing pieces with such intricate details. People love vintage too and are often on the lookout for special gems from their favourite time periods. We have a variety of those period pieces you’ll love.

When purchasing second hand jewellery you need to check the items you are dealing with are authentic. This requires a keen eye and complete knowledge of luxury items. It is better to buy from a reputable dealer who knows their jewellery. Here at JF Daughters we have a broad range of experience dealing with these items and we work closely with the London Assay Office to ensure their condition and value is as accurate as possible.  We use our specialist knowledge and network of contacts to ensure we only bring you high quality items, so you can enjoy your piece safe in the knowledge it’s a genuine artefact. If you have any questions about any items please don’t hesitate to get in contact, but you will find lots of information and images on our individual product pages.