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Bracelets, or bangles, have the power to uplift any outfit. The subtle difference they provide can fill you with confidence and get you ready for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to sparkle with diamonds or uplift an everyday outfit, you’ll find something to suit all tastes in our collection.

We have an extensive range of pre-owned bracelets and bangles, to suit both men and women. You will find vintage, designer pieces at affordable prices. All our pieces have been carefully checked to ensure they are in excellent condition and are 100% authentic. We’ve used out expertise to check over every item, so you can trust the quality of your purchase. Shop the selection below and use our 360° product viewers to see the intricate detail of our stunning items.

Types of Bracelets

It’s important when looking for a bracelet, you understand the different options you have to choose from. There are key differences between bangles and bracelets, as you’ll learn below but there are also various bracelet options.

Bangles – Bangles tend to be solid pieces that have a ring shape.  They are more fitted pieces that grip your arm as opposed to flowing freely over the wrist. You can get partial bangles, that are like a cuff and where the ends don’t quite come together. You can also get full bangles which normally have two piece that are hinged together.

Bracelets – Bracelets tend to have multiple links and they tend to dangle from your wrist. They are looser and have different types of fittings. The types also vary as there is a few different style options.

Tennis Bracelets are thin bracelets that feature a neat pattern of diamonds or stones. They are the most stylish and glamorous type of bracelet – ideal for special occasions.

Charm Bracelets are collectable items that feature various charms and items that hold special meaning to that individual. Charm bracelets can be quite heavy but they’re a special item of jewellery to the beholder and can be worn on a daily basis.

Chain Bracelets contain multiple loops, and can come in various colours and weights. Chain bracelets suit both men and women and are ideal for daily use.

Link bracelets can look very similar to chain bracelets, but they are made from joining different links of jewellery. You may find a combination of different types of metals available when looking at link bracelets.

Women’s Bracelets

Women have a broader range of bangle and bracelet options. Tennis bracelets pair well with dresses and skirts for an elegant evening look but chain bracelets look great for a day to day look.

Men’s Bracelets

Men tend to wear either a chain or link bracelet, however some cuffs or bangles can also pair well. Bracelets work in a similar way to a wristwatch, adding sophistication and class to an outfit. They look best paired with smarter outfits such as jeans and a jumper or a suit.


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