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When you have a luxurious jewellery collection, it’s important to look after your items accordingly. Precious gems and vintage pieces require a considerate amount of care and attention, and that involves storing them correctly. We have a wide range of professional yet stylish jewellery boxes and cases, so you can keep your items secure and in top condition. You will find more information about our range below including advice on how to store your jewellery collection. As always however, when you shop with Vintage Pawnbrokers, you can guarantee you are only receiving the best items that are available.

How to store your jewellery collection correctly?

When storing jewellery there are a few important things you need to consider; security, style, size and safety. When you have expensive and designer jewellery, especially vintage or antique pieces which are highly desirable, you are somewhat vulnerable to having them stolen. You need to take extra precautions to keep out any unwanted visitors. Our jewellery cases can be locked and secured easily, they also have various compartments that are hidden underneath drawers to offer additional protection.

You will also need to ensure your jewellery is safe inside. Jewellery is delicate, and items can easily become damaged or tangled when not stored correctly. Our jewellery boxes are carefully designed with different storage compartments to suit different needs. You will find fabric linings, ring rolls, drawers and necklace drops to ensure your items are protected. You will come to appreciate proper storage when you find how easily accessible your pieces become when it’s time to choose from your range.

Our jewellery boxes come in a range of sizes, so you will find large leather cases for home storage as well as a range of travel cases.

Our jewellery box range caters for the practical things you need to keep your jewellery in tip top condition, but you will also notice our products are also extremely stylish and high quality. Luxury jewellery deserves special storage, so we research the best brands and products to offer you the best solutions.


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