Whether you’re looking for a one of a kind engagement ring, wedding ring, or just a unique treasure to add to your collection, you’ll find a variety of stunning pieces in our ring collection. Our rings are pre-owned, so you can marvel at the affordable prices as well as the broader range of designs.

Our collection features both men and women’s rings that can be used to celebrate a variety of occasions. The rings have been handpicked by ourselves and carefully checked to ensure their authenticity and condition. Shop our hidden treasures below.

  • 18ct White Gold Fancy Light Yellow Diamond and Diamond Set Cluster
    18ct White Gold Yellow Diamond 1.68cts
    Diamond Set Cluster Ring
    £ 10,000VIEW NOW
  • 18ct Tigers Head Diamond Sapphire And Enamel Ring
    18ct Diamond - Sapphire - Enamel
    Tigers Head Ring
    £ 3,500VIEW NOW
  • 18ct Lion head with Diamonds
    18ct Lion Head
    with Diamonds
    £ 2000VIEW NOW
  • 5 Row Infinity Ring
    Infinity Ring 5 Row
    14k Gold Plate
    £ 200VIEW NOW

Second hand engagement rings

Choosing an engagement ring is extra special. You want to find something that matches the beauty of your partner and symbolises the strength of your relationship, as you both embark on your new chapter. There’s a saturated market of brand new and classic designs on the market today but why not opt for something more luxurious and stylish. The beauty of second hand engagement rings is that there’s a wider range of timeless pieces with vintage designs that can’t be copied. The hidden gems of yesteryear are desirable pieces that are filled with character. Aside from their style and quality,  pre-owned rings provide you with the luxury of clearer diamonds and higher carats and while previously out of your budget, they are now more affordable. We have a broad range of special pieces available, but we can also refurbish existing jewellery or create a bespoke item if you prefer.

If you’re looking for an engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place. You will find some exquisite items in our collection.