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Gents Watches

Shop luxury designer men’s watches below. You will find an extensive collection of models from the best brands. From Rolex and Breitling to Tag Heuer, we have all the trusted brands you know and love. Our men’s watches are preowned, so you can now find a broader range of models at prices you can afford. Every watch has been thoroughly checked and inspected to ensure its authenticity, and that its condition meets our high standards.

Choosing a man’s watch

Whether you’re buying a gift for a loved one, or looking for a watch for yourself, there’s a few things you need to consider when making you choice. Watch movements are a term you’ll see a lot and there’s three types you’ll need to know about; mechanical, automatic and quartz.  Mechanical watches are wound up by hand and as they tick they unwind.  You won’t need to worry about replacing a battery, but you will need to make sure your watch is wound. Automatic watches work in the same way as mechanical watches, but you don’t need to wind the watch yourself, they do it automatically as you wear them. If you’re not wearing the watch however you will need a watch winder, to keep it ticking. Quartz watches require a battery instead. Make sure you have a look at the movement types when choosing a watch.

A man’s watch should also be based on style. Different watches were designed for different scenarios so you will note when looking at the products how their qualities vary. A dress watch tends to be more subtle and smart. They are quite thin and narrow to make them easier to wear with long sleeve shirts. Leather straps are also common. Field watches have a leather or canvas strap and are small to medium. They tend to be practical so contain numerical dials with a plain watch face. Dive watches tend to be medium size, have Arabic numbering and more than likely have a metal strap. They have more of a striking style and are perhaps the best option if you want something more standout. They are also waterproof as they were designed with divers in mind. Driving watches have a large dial, a stainless-steel case and are often bright and bold. Driving watches were designed to help racing car drivers tell the time so they’re exceptionally durable.  A pilot watch is designed for easy reading so has a large dial and tends to have white dials on a black face. This makes them useful for dark environments when checking the time is perhaps not as easy. Consider your use of the watch when making your choice.


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