Selling your items in 3 easy steps



Get in touch or fill out our contact form here for a full valuation. The more details you can provide on the make, model and condition, the more accurate our initial estimation will be.



You can send us your item via our free and efficient Special Delivery Watch Pack. We cover the postage cost, and the contents of the package will be insured up to the value of £15,000.



Once a final offer has been made and you're happy with it, we'll proceed to send your payment to you instantly.

How To Sell Your Items

At JF Daughters, we take the time to examine each of the features which make your jewellery special. We are committed to providing you with a valuation that is worthy of global market prices - offering you the very best price when you sell your piece.

We appreciate that not all of our customers are able to visit us in person and so you can also begin processing your sale using our quick contact form here. Please note that in order to provide the most accurate evaluation for your product, we recommend including as much detail in your application as possible.

Once you have successfully completed our form and have agreed to our initial evaluation, JF Daughters are happy to send a Special Delivery pack. In this pack, you will find an easy-seal bag along with 2 pre-paid Royal Mail Special Delivery envelopes.

To ensure your item is correctly processed, please fill out your full details on the envelope and bag before posting the item to us. Although JF Daughters has covered the full cost of postage, we recommend retaining proof of your Royal Mail receipt which will contain the reference and tracking number of your package.

What Happens Next?

Having posted your item, JF Daughters are likely to receive the package within 1-2 working days. This will then be quickly evaluated and verified by our team of specialists who will contact you the same day.

If you accept our offer, we can arrange that payment can be sent to you instantly. However, if for any reason our offer is declined, JF Daughters are happy to return your items to you immediately at no extra cost.

Regardless of your decision, we can assure all customers will receive a professional and prompt service. To find out more information about how to sell your item, contact JF Daughters via our contact page.

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